Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Production Monster:

Hello my name is Edward Frebowitz, founder of Production Production Monster is a pro audio – production Supply Company I started after retiring from mixing monitors on the road. With Production I am looking to provide a more personalized online shopping experience for pro audio gear and personal monitor systems. I want you to call me and tell me what you are looking or what types of audio problems you are trying to solve so I can help you make the best decision and get the greatest bang for you buck.

Why should I purchase gear from you?

Great question. I spent many years on the road as a third-man dealing only with microphones, stands and cables. As a systems technician building and maintaining sound systems and my favorite job on the road, mixing monitors and working with a production designing and installing sound systems. I also worked with the personal monitor company Aviom when the first personal monitor mixer was released to the pro audio market. My job was to introduce the Aviom A-16II to churches all over the country. It was a great gig.

What does all this mean? It means I have a passion for professional audio and would like to share it. I love designing and building personal monitor systems

I don’t see a particular manufacture on your website.

Populating takes time to make sure our information is correct and easy to locate. What access to 100’s of manufacturers. If you do not see something you are looking for please give us a cal and we will get you exactly what you are searching for.

Do you provide audio training?

I can provide audio training but I like to limit my training to monitor mixing and personal monitors. I partner with two educators that provide excellent audio training. If you or your church is interested get in touch with me and I will guide you in the right direction.

What is your shipping policy?

Orders over $200 ship free except for a few exceptions. Currently products under $10.00 like microphone accessories and in-ear monitor accessories ship with a flat rate. Shipping is calculated in the shopping card and the checkout page. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call and I will be more than happy to help you out.

* Large or extremely heavy shipments may incur additional shipping or freight charges

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is reasonable and we are willing to accommodate you as best as we can. Returns are handled on a per order basis. Please give me a call to receive an return order authorization.

What tours have you been on?

It’s nice of you to ask but it’s not nice to drop names. Give me a call or send me an email and I might tell.

Why are you qualified to sell audio gear?

I love audio gear, mixing monitors and helping people. My website seemed to be a great way to combine all three things.

I’m interested in providing you with the exact gear you need not what I have on my warehouse shelves. If I can help you solve a problem and not sell you any equipment I am OK with that. Give me a call at 888-252-5942 and I can show you why is a great place to purchase your.

Where did the name Production Monster come from?

To be honest I could not think of a great name that had Production on it that was not taken. I was looking through a logo website, saw the eye with the headphones and figured what the heck lets call the site Production Monster.