The Personal Monitor System You Never Heard Of

The Stage Buddy personal monitor system is an expandable personal monitoring system. A basic Stage Buddy system consists of one MASTER unit and up to four (4) REMOTE units. Remote personal mixer units can be connected either directly to the Master unit or daisy-chained (up to 4 units) in succession to each other using a standard CAT5 cable. Audio and power is supplied to each remote unit directly from the Master unit through the CAT5 cable, making an extremely simple and elegant solution for distributing personal monitoring to multiple users.


Personal Monitor Mixer Controlls

The Remote unit is a full-featured device designed to give you a great deal of control over the sound you’re monitoring. The unit also provides enhanced features, such as digital reverb and equalization, for customizing your sound.

The MASTER digital input unit includes left and right inputs for a front of house feed and split outputs that can be used to feed a second Stage Buddy Master unit, or to send signal to a Shure P4M, for instance. The left and right split offers simple system expansion and added flexibility for various audio applications. The Stage Buddy Master is equipped with four CAT5 distribution outlets for connection to the Remote units.

Personal Monitor Mixer Solo Musician

A single Remote device works as a mixer/monitor for use with a PA system. Connect an audio source, such as an MP3 player or the output of a laptop, to the L/R 1/8″ inputs on the Remote. Add a microphone and guitar, for example and mix between them and the backing track, add reverb and EQ, then send the full mix to your PA system via the Monitor outputs on the back of the Stage Buddy Remote.


Each Stage Buddy REMOTE personal mixer unit is a little wonder in itself! The Remote personal mixer offers two combo XLR or balanced ¼” inputs with an ultra quiet microphone preamp, tone control, reverb, limiting, and a powerful, pristine headphone amplifier. Additionally, the special and ingenious “MORE ME” control is a standout. What could be easier than simply turning up the MORE ME knob when you want to hear a little more of yourself?

Ok, so how does the Stage Buddy personal monitor system work?

  • Left and right inputs on the Master feed all Remote Stage Buddy personal mixers.
  • Two combo inputs control two local inputs (microphone or line level). Each input has gain/level control.
  • A MORE ME knob on the Remote unit controls the overall levels of the two local inputs.
  • Local inputs can be blended with the Master inputs with a Master control.
  • Each Remote unit has a split out for the two local inputs used to send the local inputs to front of house.
  • Each Remote unit also has a left and right monitor out to send the mixed signal to an in-ear system or floor wedges.

I’m not sure there is any other personal monitor system that packs so many features into a compact package. The headphone outputs have more gain than any other monitor system I have used or demoed. Regarding flexibility, each Remote mixer has reverb, p48 volt phantom power, a mono and stereo switch, a basic limiter and a tone control. The Stage Buddy system is one of the best personal monitor systems that has ever hit the market.