Communicating With The Worship Band

If you poke around ProSoundWeb’s website, you will find many great resources geared mainly towards worship bands or contemporary worship. One recent article I found, written by Gary Zandstra, an experienced AV integrator and sound engineer, covers the topic of communication between stage and mix positions during a service. Gary makes a real simple but overlooked point – working out a system of signs regarding monitor changes with the band and house engineer is vital to a great performance and essential for keeping a great working relationship.

In my article From Load-In to Sound Check to Showtime: A Common Goal, I try to answer the question, “How do we, as an audio/video crew and as a band, get to the point where we present our content, our music, to our audience so that they have the desire and need to make it their own?” My point is simply this – band and crew need to work together. Gary takes this idea one step further and believes that the clear communication must continue during the service with predetermined hand and body gestures to ask for monitor changes.

When band and crew work together, it removes any stress or frustration poor communication brings to a live performance environment. Gary states in his article, “As with everything related to worship sound, an understanding and gracious spirit from both sides of the stage is essential.” Sometimes it is better to step back, take a deep breath and realize we are all on the same side. Here is a link to Gary’s article.