A Look At ThePreSonus StudioLive RM16AI/RM36AI

Here are a few true statements: Sound engineers like gear. New technology means audio manufacturers make new gear. New gear means sound engineers get more gear. It’s a never-ending cycle. It’s perfect.

Studio Live Digital Mixing System

The RM32AI has 32 mic inputs and 16 Mix outputs and mounts in four rack spaces; the RM16AI has 16 mic inputs and 8 Mix outputs and mounts in three rack spaces

In the old days, owning racks of great processing was a badge of honor. Today I believe the badge of honor comes from doing more with less and leveraging technology so we can do less to achieve more! Does that make sense? Case in point, the PreSonus StudioLive RM16AI and the StudioLiveRM32AI Rack Mount Digital Mixers truly embody the less-is-more concept. With a small footprint, unparalleled processing power and the flexibility to mix on almost any touchscreen device, the StudioLive RM series is the biggest bang for the buck. The amount of features stuffed into the rack-mounted black boxes rival digital mixing consoles twice their price. Let’s take a look.

For starters, the both the StudioLive RM16AI and the StudioLive RM32AI are equipped with 16 XMAX™ or 32 respectively Class A solid-state recallable microphone preamplifiers. Besides the Class A solid-state preamplifiers theRM16AI and the RM32AI each robust digital signal processing, direct Wi-Fi and wired LAN communication, fast and intuitive workflow, an onboard FireWire S800 interface, and a tightly integrated software suite for Mac®, Windows®, and iOS®. There are no two ways about it the RM16AI and the RM32AI are jam-packed with features.

For old school engineers who are still holding on to their traditional work surfaces, I understand. Faders and knobs give us the true feeling of mixing and anything else is not the same. PreSonus took this into consideration when designing the UC Surface control software. PreSonus calls the UC Surface “Battle Ready” for the sheer fact that as a sound engineer you never know what to expect once the band hits the stage. At any given performance you could be walking into a war zone. The StudioLive RM series mixers with UC Surface have your back. Pick your device – whether you prefer Mac®, Windows® PC, or iPad®, touch-screen or mouse, the UC Surface works across all platforms, and with Ethernet or Wi-Fi options, as PreSonus states in the brochure “UC Surface works the same on all three platforms, supports iPad and Windows 8 touch-screens, and networks via wired or wireless connections.” The workflow on the UC Surface is logical. “You can see everything you need when you need it, and the most commonly used and important functions are only one or two touches away.” Have I convinced you yet? Take a breath and then read on to learn about more of the great freatures PreSonus has packed in to the RM-AI series mixers.

Studio Live RM Mixer Dynamics

PreSonus® UC Surface control software for Mac, Windows, and iPad was carefully designed for intuitive and quick performance in a live mixing environment (but also serves well in the studio)

Clearly labeled faders and control buttons so “you always know what each button, fader, and parameter box controls and which parameter each meter displays.”

25 dedicated mix buses (16 aux buses, 4 internal effects buses, stereo mains, the mono/center main, and the stereo Solo bus) and a tape return and digital return, which means there are plenty of outputs to route signal exactly where you need it.

Input Channels and buses have their own studio-grade compressor, limiter, gate/expander, and 4-band parametric equalizer. Each input channel, aux and FX bus also has a highpass filter, and input channels have a polarity invert. You will never run out of processing.

Graphic equalizers on 12 aux buses, the main left, right output and mono/center channels. Each graphic equalizer is equipped with an A/B option, making comparisons hassle free. Need to tune the house PA or ring-out the stage monitors? No problem there is plenty of eq available

Complete store and recall instantly. This is where the power of digital comes in: UC Surface battle-ready software lets you save all of your digital settings for quick setup and recall.

50 StudioLive Fat Channel presets. Fat Channel lets you apply the equivalent of a six-foot rack of signal processors to every input.

PreSonus StudioLive-QMIX-AI Personal Monitors

The PreSonus QMix-AI™ software, up to 14 musicians can simultaneously control their StudioLive™ RM-series mixer’s monitor (aux) mixes using an iPhone® or iPod touch®

Included software:

Capture™ 2.1 one-click recording software with true virtual soundcheck (Mac/Windows): Designed exclusively for StudioLive™ series mixers, Capture allows instant setup and recording directly from the mixer with no configuration. Capture 2.1 can now save and load a StudioLive AI mix scene and remotely engage digital returns for quick playback and virtual soundcheck.

  • Studio One® Artist full-featured digital audio workstation software (Mac/Windows).
  • Nimbit® online “direct to fan” marketing, sales, and distribution service.
  • QMix™-AI wireless monitor-mix control from an iPhone®/iPod® touch. QMix-AI is without a doubt one of the best features of the StudioLive RM series mixers. I like this feature so much I dedicated a separate post to it. Check it out.

Compare the PreSonus StudioLive RM digital mixing system to any other digital mixing console in its price point. I’m confident you will not find any digital mixing system that has the features, processing power, sonic quality, and flexibility for control surface that the StudioLive RM16AI and StudioLive RM32AI mixing systems have. If you are interested in more information on the StudioLive RM systems or any of the PreSonus digital consoles, please give me a call at 888-252-5942. I will answer any questions you may have.