What’s Next

What’s Next After Life On The Road?  Years ago, I worked for a large sound company. On one particular tour, I was the youngest crewmember by several years. One day the lighting director came up to me and said something like, “Look around at the crew. Many of them are stuck on the road. You […]

House Engineer Vs. Monitor Engineer

  When I was nineteen, I started working for a regional sound company in Philadelphia. At the time, CTS Audio was a turbo sound company with a warehouse full of TSM 3. I thought I was in heaven. I was in a warehouse full of audio gear and had absolutely no experience. Truth be told, […]

The Original In-Ear Monitor

The original in-ear monitor for drummers was one Clair Brothers 12AM stacked on top of one Clair Brothers ML18 subwoofer. Put one stack on either side of the drummer and presto, you have a stereo in-ear monitor circa 1995. Times have changed and so have in-ear monitors for drummers, keyboard players and other musicians relegated […]

KLANG:fabrik 3D Personal Monitor Mixing System Introduces MADI Interface

From The Klang: fabric Press Release Real-time binaural and immersive spatial headphone mixes became a reality with KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier, which combine the wish for transparent and natural monitoring sound with the advantages of in-ear monitoring. Using advanced psychoacoustic research and innovative implementation, KLANG:technologies designed its in-ear and headphone mixing tools for studio, musical and […]

9 Volt Push Button LED Flashlight

The mini 9-volt battery flashlight with push button on / off is ideal for home, camping and everyday use. Keep a few LED 9 Volt flashlights in your tool box at home or in the glove box of your car just in case of an emergency. Stage technician having a few inexpensive flashlights on hand is […]