Aviom-Personal Monitor Mixing

Best known for changing the face of monitor mixing with its Pro16® personal mixing system, Aviom offers a full line of audio networking products, powered by A-Net®, Aviom’s innovative high speed digital audio transport technology. With its second generation of A-Net products, the Pro64®Series, Aviom has simplified system design while enhancing control, flexibility, and performance.

Aviom is the leader in Personal Monitor Mixing. The A16II personal mixer put monitor mixing in the hands of the musician and made in-ear monitors affordable. The A360 and the A320 personal monitor mixers are the next step in personal monitors with expand network functionality, bi-directional signal flow and easy to use control surfaces. If you interested in building a personal monitor system or have questions about the Aviom A-Net audio network or any of their personal monitor mixing products please give us a call.

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