6 Channel 50′ Sub Snake No Returns Lines

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Stage sub box – drum sub snake

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Neat, clean cable runs make a performance stage, recording studio or house of worship look and sound great . Good cable management makes stage setup and load-outs easy. The MC-B series audio system from CBI is an affordable and rugged and is built with top quality components.  The MC-B audio snakes are available in a wide verity of input and return line configurations and cable lengths. The CBI snakes are built for the road but will preform great in any house of worship or performance space.

XLR Audio Snake: 6 Channels, No Return Lines, 50 Length

With 6 channels, No return lines and 50 feet long this rugged audio snake is built for the toughest performance environments. The stage box is constructed from heavy duty rolled steel with a black durable finish. Channel numbers are silk-screened white for easy identification. A heavy duty nylon strain relief attaches the cable to the stage box and secures the house fantail. The snake is built of individually shielded multi-pair wire with black a flexible jacket and a double layer of heat shrink at the connector and junction box end for additional reinforcement. The MCB audio snake features Neutrik NC3FPP Non-Locking XLR’s and Non-locking TRS 1/4″ Panel connector on the stage box. The house fantail has CBI C-XLR Nickel Connectors. For more information and pricing please call us at 615-406-3255.

This rugged 6 channel audio snake is designed as a stage sub-box or a house snake when a separate return snake is used. With 9 channels and no returns this quality CBI snake is also a great choice as a drum sub -snake. CBI Snakes feature top quality components, the finest craftsmanship and are ready for any live production or permanent installation.

The CBI MCB6-0600-50 Sub Snake: What You Need to Know

  • High quality – Great Value
  • Roadworthy Construction – Built to Last
  • Built for the road and audio installations
  • Multi use as a front of house snake or as a stage sub-snake
  • 14/16 gauge rolled steel stage box built for the road
  • Heavy duty box end strain relief
  • Neutrik NC3FPP non-locking XLR’s stage box end
  • Neutrik non-locking TRS 1/4″ Panel Mt
  • See our complete line of CBI Cables and Accessories


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