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Budget Wireless In-Ear Monitor System | 1 Transmitter 2 Receivers

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Budget in-ear monitor system is designed for small houses of worship and young bands on a tight budget. The system includes one UHF transmitter and two receivers. easy to set up and easy to use.

Budget In-Ear Wireless In-Ear Monitors

  • Built-in control switch, adjustable volume. A frequency switching can shy away directly if signal been interference, easy to operate.
  • 6 channel regulator, UHF segment, if signals or other interference can stagger the frequency, easier to work.
  • LED display, the display signal, power, frequency. Glance, with satisfaction.
  • Ultra-long-haul up to 50-80 meters, signal stability, continuous tone, receiving strong, not distortion.
  • Can be a host with multiple receivers, suitable for Multiplayer occasion.
  • Stereo output, clear no noise, sound reproduction and high.
  • Designed for small churches and young bands just starting out
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