Wireless In-Ear Monitor System: Stereo

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Wireless In-Ear Monitor System: The IEM410 is a great entry level in-ear system for churches and bands on a tight budget and just learning about in-ear monitors. The IEM410 is a stereo wireless in-ear monitor system in a single rack-space unit. The system features 96 preset channels, 6 groups (16 channels in each group). The IEM410 broadcasts on the UHF band (UHF 640~930MHz) for clear transmission.

The IEM410 is also switchable between mono and wireless operations. This is an ideal feature when mixing console outputs or auxiliary outputs are limited. The IEM410 in-ear receiver is a rugged metal container designed to take abuse from musicians and volunteer sound people. Standard headphone amplifiers are generally 50mW, providing just enough output power to get by. The IEM410 in-ear receiver has a stunning 100mW headphone amplifier that is able to drive any in-ear monitor or headphone.

If you are looking for an outstanding value for a wireless in-ear system, the IEM410 is perfect. Designed for professional application, the IEM410 is a great wireless ear system for beginners and small sound companies looking to enter the world of in-ear monitors.

Wireless In-Ear Monitor System: Stereo

  • Affordable wireless in-ear monitors
  • UHF band (UHF640~930MHz)
  • 96 preset channels, 6 groups (16 channels in each group)
  • Mono & stereo transmission switchable
  • USD player on transmitter
  • 19″ standard rack unit design
  • Full metal transmitter housing
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