24 Channel Send XLR Split Snake – 15′ Monitor Split 30′ House Split

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Multiple input channel and cable length configurations available. Call for more information.


Split snakes are a more efficient and practical way to split microphone signals coming from the stage to the monitor system. Split snakes each have a stage box and two hardwired short trunks with fantails. The fantails are male XLR, while the stage box consists of all female XLR connectors. This is a straight send snake with no return lines.

Each SATSS-24×1530 stage box is well-labeled and constructed from heavy-duty steel. Both fantails are well-labeled and grouped by color. The split snake is constructed from individually-shielded microphone lines, 22-gauge copper conductors with and aluminum foil shield and trace wire. There is a mesh hanger at the fantail end. The female XLR panel jacks on the box are the button-less coiled spring style with non-metallic bodies. The SATSS-24×1530 is a bulletproof split snake designed for small traveling bands and installations

24 Channel Send XLR Splitter Snake Cable – 15′ Monitor Split 30′ House Split

  • Heavy duty stage box
  • 24 female XLR non-locking connectors
  • Two  16 channel male XLR split fantails
  • Fantail and stage box are both clearly labeled for quick and easy set up
  • Split snake does not include transformers, ground-lift switches, or multi-pin disconnects
  • 22 guage copper wire with aluminum foil shield and trace wire
  • Strain relief at both the stage box and fantail end of the snake

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