Yamaha Club V SM10V Passive Monitor

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Yamaha speakers are built to last. There are Yamaha speakers that have been working on stage for over a decade. Most of their floor wedges will fit in the back of station wagon or in the back seat of a compact car. They can take the abuse of a young band working on new song in a garage and can easily cover downstage singers in a worship band.

The Yamaha Club V Series are no different. Built in the United States the Yamaha Club Series floor wedges come in three enclosure sizes: SM10V with a 10” woofer, SM12V with a 12” woofer and SM15V with a 15” woofer. The Yamaha Club V Series floor wedges are internally braced wood enclosure coated with a tough carpeted exterior and large metal handles for improved portability. Club V Series speakers also come standard with 1-3/8 inch speaker pole sockets and dual phone jacks as well as dual Speakon™ connectors for input and parallel connection.

Yamaha Club V Series Features

Quality Yamaha audio components and speaker hardware.

Since you never know when feedback will strike Yamaha built in a protection circuit that prevents excessive tweeter input due to acoustic feedback or other causes. The SM10V, SM12V and the SM15V floor monitors are the speaker of choice for bands that need a quality floor monitor at a great price.

Yamaha Club V SM10V Passive Stage Monitor

  • 10″ 2-way floor monitor
  • Power Rating: 250 watts
  • High Frequency driver: Horn + 1″ voice coil driver
  • Low frequency driver: 10″ cone
  • Low profile design
  • Can easily be used as a main speaker
  • Pole socket allows use as a main speaker
  • Awesome vocal monitor

Additional information

Weight33 lbs
Dimensions22 × 14 × 11 in


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