Aviom A320 – 6 Mixer Personal Monitor System

MSRP: $5,556.00


System Includes:

  • Aviom A 320 16 Channel Mixer
  • Aviom D800 Distributer
  • Aviom AN-16/i V2 Input Module
  • Aviom L-25 25′ CAT5 Cable


Aviom A320 – 6 Mixer Personal Monitor System is a complete Aviom personal mixing package including six A320 personal mixers and everything you need to reduce stage volume.  The heart of the system is the Aviom A320 16 channel personal monitor mixer. Each A320 personal mixer has per-channel volume and stereo placement, eight customizable mix presets, three-band master tone controls optimized for in-ear monitors, and per-channel solo and mute. The A320 is the ideal personal mixer for houses of worship, musicians new to personal monitors and any band looking to make the move to in-ear monitors and reduce stage volume.

The Aviom A320 package includes one AN-16/i v.2 Input Module used to connect up to 16 balanced line-level inputs from a console’s direct outputs, insert points, aux sends, and/or submixes to a personal mixing system or digital snake. When used alone, one Aviom AN-16/i v.2 can generate a single 16-channel A-Net signal.

The Aviom D800 A-Net Distributors provide the link between the input module or console card and the personal mixers, providing power and a copy of the digital audio stream to your Aviom personal mixers, utilizing standard Cat-5e cables.

Aviom A320 – Complete 6 Mixer Personal Monitor System 




Additional information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 in

AN-16/i v.2

Sixteen balanced audio inputs (1/4-in TRS connectors)
Sixteen balanced Thru connectors (TRS)
A-Net In with four-position slot range selector switch
Stereo Link switches for each channel pair
Four-position gain switches (+22, +4, 0, -10dB)
Signal present and clip LEDs per channel


16 mono or stereo sources
32-channel mix engine
Per-channel volume and Stereo Placement
Eight customizable mix presets
Three-band master tone controls optimized for in-ear monitors
Per-channel solo and mute
Compatible with existing Aviom personal mixing systems


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