Elite Core CSS-4C 4 Conductor Multipair 13 AWG Tour Grade Speaker Cable

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Elite Core CSS-4C Premium Speaker cable with Genuine Neutrik connectors.  Low Loss, ultra flexible premium speaker cable.

 Available in standard lengths of:

  • 2’
  • 5′
  • 10′
  • 15’
  • 25′
  • 50′
  • 75′
  • 100′

Elite Core’s CSS Custom Shop Speaker Cables are hand-built by skilled technicians in our facility in Conway, Arkansas, USA.  Only the finest available materials and most effective techniques are used.  Every detail – the cable construction, the connector choice, the solder, the flux, the shrink tube, the testing, and the packaging, are each carefully chosen to create the finest stage and touring speaker cable available.  Want to know more?  Here you go:


The CSS-4C cable is designed from the inside out to be the finest stage and tour grade speaker cable available. Every component of the cable itself is carefully chosen with the end goal of creating a tough, yet flexible cable.

The Elite Core CSS-4C conductors are stranded 13 AWG low-loss copper. The stranded 13 gage conductors achieve low series resistance and provide excellent flexibility.


Multiple conductors allow for bi-amping or multiple speaker cabinets to be connected by one cable.

CSS is pure, from the inside out. You can hear and feel the difference.


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